Uncomplicated, customized and cost-effective working capital solutions for infrastructure builders

Don’t let cashflow stand in the way of your business growth.Growing a business brings many challenges, alongside the opportunities. Often the greatest of these is meeting increased day-to-day expenses while waiting for your customers to pay. TowerCap is a boutique factoring company. We build invoice-financing solutions to meet your business needs.
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what we do

TowerCap refunds you for your customer invoices the moment they are approved. No more waiting out payment terms. And we can do this without your customer ever knowing that your invoices are factored. What’s more, we free up your cashflow so that you can continue to invest, scale and grow, safely.

the towercap difference

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We believe in relationships and start with a one-on-one conversation to fully understand your needs.
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Completely transparent fees

No minimum factoring amount and no lock-in periods

Freedom to choose which customers, and which invoices, you want to factor

Much greater working-capital facilities than a bank will provide

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how we do it

Complete our straightforward application and agreement and tell us which of your customers you want to factor - we pay up to 90% of the invoice value on approval and the balance (less our reasonable fees) once your customer pays. Simple.


which customers and which of their invoices you want to finance


your customer never has to know that you are using a factoring company

credit risk

we take on the risk of non-payment so you don’t turn away potential customers when you are uncertain of their credit risk


whether your invoices are approved by email or on a portal, we will pay you the moment they are approved

industries we support

This is our birthplace – TowerCap was founded to support the telco industry. We support our partners throughout the value chain, from permitting, A&E,A&L to fiber installations and everything in-between.
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The future is electric! As in any new and fast-developing industry, cash-flows often don’t keep up with business growth. Let us support your EV installations.
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Whether you are servicing turbines,installing solar solutions or smart meters, you are building the infrastructureof the future and we would be proud to support you.
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As a minority owned business you often face a unique set of challenges. While the opportunities may be there, factoring can be a challenge when your customer needs to pay you directly and cannot pay a third party. We solve this by financing your invoices on a non-notified basis.
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